Engaging youth with the climate emergency at COP26 and beyond

5 November 2021

On Friday 5 November, COP26 delegates will focus on youth and public empowerment, demonstrating the critical role of educating these groups to…

Net zero Wales: the community energy opportunity

4 November 2021

The Zero 2050 report considers several scenarios and technologies that could help in decarbonising the energy system in South Wales.

How can renewable energy help the UK reach net zero?

4 November 2021

To reach net zero emissions by 2050, one of the main areas we need to cut emissions is from generating electricity.

What is climate finance and why is it important?

3 November 2021

On Wednesday 3 November – day three of the COP26 climate summit – the negotiations are all about finance, and how the…

How our international collaboration is enabling energy access globally

3 November 2021

We have a long history of partnership working in the UK and beyond – with governments, energy agencies, academic institutions, and the…

Climate commitments from around the world

2 November 2021

We’ve summarised existing climate change commitments from eight nations across the world to find out who’s leading the way and who needs…

An introduction to Scotland’s Heat in Buildings Strategy

2 November 2021

The Scottish Government’s Heat in Buildings Strategy aims to transform Scotland’s buildings and the systems that supply their heat.

Energy Saving Trust and COP26: why does it matter?

1 November 2021

Today (1 November) marks the start of the global climate event COP26, hosted by the UK Government together with partner Italy, in…

What is climate change?

1 November 2021

Over the next two weeks, leaders from across the world will gather in Glasgow to address issues related to climate change. But…

COP26 and the climate emergency: what’s the story?

1 November 2021

How much do you know about the climate emergency and how to reduce your own emissions to help us reach net zero…