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Ecodriving scheme launched for businesses

Ecodriving scheme launched for businessesSunday, 14 September, 2014

A new Ecodriving scheme for businesses has been launched by the Energy Saving Trust, replacing its Smarter Driving programme.

Under the new scheme, subsidised Ecodriving training is available directly from driver training companies. This opens up more opportunities for driver training companies to reach businesses quickly and deliver a number of training programmes through the Ecodriving scheme.

The new Ecodriving scheme builds on the success of the Smarter Driving programme that trained 35,000 drivers over four years and saw an average 15 per cent reduction in fuel consumption on the day of training.

All driver training under the new scheme will be delivered by Driver Standards Agency (DSA) registered fleet trainers that have attended and passed the Energy Saving Trust’s Ecodriving ‘Train-the-Trainer’ course.

Companies delivering the Ecodriving scheme will be able to following the same format as the Energy Saving Trust’s Smarter Driving programme of eight drivers a day over 50 minutes each or develop their own specific training programme to help businesses reduce their fuel consumption. 

Bob Saynor, who manages the new Ecodriving scheme at the Energy Saving Trust, says, “The new scheme is great for customers as it allows them to choose between many different training programmes. This gives businesses the chance to participate in programmes that best match their needs and requirements as an organisation, for example short-duration focusing purely on efficiency, or longer duration that includes more on safety.

Regardless of which driver training programme businesses choose, they can all be reassured that the training meets our high standards and will incorporate many key learnings from our previous Smarter Driving programmes that driver companies can take forward.”

Businesses interested in the cost reduction, carbon reduction and safety benefits of Ecodriving training can see a list of participating companies and their contact details at or contact

Driver training companies or freelance trainers are invited to participate in the new Ecodriving scheme and should contact, or call Bob Saynor on 020 7222 0101 for further information.