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Successful councils welcome new funding from eCargo Bike Grant Fund

Successful councils welcome new funding from eCargo Bike Grant FundThursday, 25 June, 2020

18 local authorities have secured funding from the Department for Transport’s £2m eCargo Bike Grant Fund, which is delivered by Energy Saving Trust to help reduce air pollution from last-mile deliveries.

Councils across England were invited to bid for up to £200,000 each to purchase the bikes for use by local businesses or deployment within their own fleets. Additionally, funding was allocated through the fund’s national scheme offering limited companies and organisations up to 20% grant funding towards ecargo bikes.

Head of Transport at Energy Saving Trust, Tim Anderson, said: “It is exciting to see the strength and breadth of applications supported by the eCargo Bike Grant Fund. We received 58 applications and the 18 local authorities who have been successful in securing funding offered compelling cases for ecargo bikes across a range of activity.

“These projects will purchase a total of 273 ecargo bikes and nine ecargo bike trailers, enabling more businesses to benefit from access. A further 409 ecargo bikes have been grant funded direct to 146 organisations through the national element of the programme.”

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