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Low carbon travel



  • reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • increased MPG by up to 15%
  • lower risk of vehicle wear and tear

Ecodriving is a driving style that reduces fuel bills, cuts carbon emissions and lowers accident rates. It is about becoming a better driver rather than sacrificing performance and enjoyment for efficient driving. The techniques are straightforward and easy to implement.

Fuel saving techniques for any car

Save on fuel, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality by following our driving tips and thinking about your vehicle choice. Driving efficiently also has safety benefits due to its strong focus on better anticipation.

Buying a new vehicle

Vehicle choice can have a major impact on fuel costs and emissions; generally, the smaller the engine size, the more efficient a vehicle will be.

New cars

Cars are now much more fuel-efficient and you have a choice of different engine types: petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric. Information on fuel consumption, emissions and running costs for new cars is available from the UK Government.

Used cars

Fuel efficiency in older cars varies hugely. You can compare fuel consumption, tax and emissions information for used car models.

Company cars

In the UK, company cars are taxed both on value and emissions, so look for a low emission model to save on costs.

Tax band information is provided by the HMRC and you can search for new cars by company car tax band.

For more information on company car costs, have a look at our company car guide. The video below has some helpful tips on what to look for when choosing a new company car.

Last updated: November 12th, 2020