What role does biomass have to play in our energy supply?

17 July 2019

We consider biomass a renewable energy source, if the plants or other organic materials being burned are replaced.

The present and future of UK solar power

8 July 2019

From crisis must come creativity and there are signs of new innovation that could support the solar market in the future.

European Union Sustainable Energy Week 2019

17 June 2019

The European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week is an awareness campaign dedicated to renewable and efficient energy use across Europe.

Dcarbonise Conference and Exhibition 2019

21 May 2019

Last week saw the very first Dcarbonise Conference and Exhibition take place at the SEC Glasgow.

Prosperity for all: a low-carbon future for Wales

8 May 2019

Energy Saving Trust Wales policy officer, Max Lacey-Barnacle, discusses how Wales is developing a distinctive approach to the decarbonisation challenge.

Future homes: housing over the next 20 years

25 April 2019

The change in energy use has changed the way we use our homes already - but what will this mean for our…

Decarbonisation of heat – a crossroads

18 April 2019

Energy Saving Trust renewable heat expert, Ben Whittle, gives his thoughts on the trajectory for low carbon heat in UK homes.

Switching to low-carbon heat: an example from the Netherlands

16 April 2019

The UK isn’t the only country facing the challenge of dependence on natural gas - there may be a lesson to be…

Why outside the grid does not mean outside of help

19 March 2019

It is typically far more expensive to heat your home off-grid, which creates significant problems for the rural poor.

Domestic solar plus battery storage: a revolution in the electricity market

28 February 2019

Most exciting for the homeowner is that batteries now have management systems enabling a multitude of potential applications.