Could you generate your own energy?

28 January 2020

It’s totally possible to generate your own energy from renewables at home. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Big Energy Saving Week 2020

20 January 2020

January is traditionally a tough month when it comes to energy bills, with many people having to make difficult choices about their…

Seven top tips to help heat your home this winter

7 November 2019

Four out of 10 of us are avoiding switching on the heating during colder spells due to fears about energy bills.

Amazing Energy Savers and Energy Saving Week Northern Ireland

5 November 2019

Many of Northern Ireland’s homes are not yet on the gas network and with far fewer suppliers, it’s often not possible to…

Energy efficiency has key role in addressing climate emergency

23 October 2019

The energy we use at home represents over a quarter of nationwide total energy use, so it makes sense to put a…

Get set for colder weather

21 October 2019

With a bit of preparation you shouldn’t need to worry about energy bills over the winter months – there’s a lot you…

Seven steps to saving energy at home

14 August 2019

We use energy at home every day, from making a morning cup of tea, watering our plants right through to when we…

Why water efficiency matters

13 August 2019

In the UK, it’s easy to take for granted that water will flow out of the tap when you turn it on,…

Energycarer support in Scotland

15 July 2019

Following a successful pilot, Home Energy Scotland changed the in-home support it offers to householders, introducing Energycarers.

Damp walls? Energy Saving Trust has verified products that can help

4 July 2019

Dampness in buildings can result from a number of different factors, such as lack of ventilation, broken drainage or leaking pipes.