Reduce food waste to save money and help the environment

27 September 2018

Home economics is making a comeback. Behaving in a more sustainable way around food can help your budget as well as the…

Financial help available for home energy efficiency

25 September 2018

We take a look at the financial help available to help improve energy efficiency in the home.

How to be energy efficient online

17 August 2018

Government statistics show 90% of households have internet access, with smartphone usage being the most popular way to access the internet.

Think energy efficiency when renting a home

26 March 2018

Homes on the private rental market are more likely than any other tenure to be old and inefficient.

Buying an energy efficient home

22 March 2018

When buying a home, there’s a lot to think about – but that should be no excuse for ignoring energy efficiency.

Towards a brighter future for street lighting

12 March 2018

Upgrading street lights to LED can be one of the easier wins for councils to reduce operational costs, as a number of…

Shedding new light on halogen bulb phase-out

5 March 2018

Time’s nearly up for halogen lighting – with all but a few types of the gas-based bulb scheduled for phase-out on 1…

A new energy efficiency standard for social housing in England

3 March 2018

We brought together the social housing sector for a round table on how their homes could meet a planned new government energy…

Making the right motoring choice for you

2 March 2018

The latest DVLA vehicle licence plates have just been released – it’s well worth considering your long-term fuel costs if you’re about…

Getting the best from energy efficient lighting in your hall

19 February 2018

In this lighting series, we talk to lighting designer Graham Festenstein about the approaches to take in the entrance area of your…