Supporting the UK’s transition to net zero

8 June 2021

This year offers the opportunity for a green recovery from Covid-19, in which the UK invests in a pathway to net zero.

Setting the record straight on heat pumps

7 June 2021

Many people are unsure about the benefits of heat pumps – and some haven’t even heard of the technology. Here, we set…

Buying a new car? Making the case for electric vehicles

3 June 2021

Electric vehicles will have an important part to play in reducing emissions from transport and helping the UK reach its net zero…

How to ensure a sustainable return to the office

2 June 2021

As employees start to consider a return to the office, there are things your organisation can do to create a more energy…

What is transport’s role in the journey to net zero?

1 June 2021

Replacing a portion of your journeys – whether big or small – with a more sustainable mode of transport can make a…

The future of heating in the UK: heat pumps or hydrogen?

28 May 2021

We consider the two most-talked about options for greening the UK’s domestic heating: electric heat pumps and hydrogen gas.

Washing machines, fridges and net zero: what’s the connection?

26 May 2021

By making small changes to how we use our home appliances, we can limit the amount of carbon dioxide added to the…

Five steps councils can take to deliver electric vehicle chargepoints

20 May 2021

We’ve put together a list of steps that councils can take to deliver chargepoints and where we can offer support.

What do your customers think about net zero?

18 May 2021

How can your sustainability strategy help both your business and your customers switch to lower carbon options?

Where can we reduce emissions to help reach net zero?

17 May 2021

We take a look at the main areas where we need to reduce emissions to reach net zero by 2050.