Ten top sustainable innovations for 2020

5 August 2020

Energy Saving Trust looks at 10 innovations that may - or may not - change the way we interact with our world…

Electric vehicles: debunking the myths

27 July 2020

Electric vehicle technology has quickly developed in recent times yet limits of early technology are still named as issues today.

What is smart?

29 June 2020

Smart homes, smart watches, smart everything these days - but what is a smart appliance, and how will they affect our lives?

Five ways to save energy and money – at home and on the move

22 June 2020

Five ways you can make some sustainable changes that will bring results without breaking the bank or requiring a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Racing across Europe with zero carbon emissions

17 June 2020

Electric vans are set to play a key role in decarbonising transport; they're great at city driving, where battery range is less…

Electric bikes explained

7 June 2020

Cycling is more popular than ever, with thousands taking to two wheels during lockdown to get to school, work or the shops.

Retrofit: cleaning up dirty engines

27 May 2020

Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) are one of the heaviest polluters on the roads. The humble bin lorry could become an unlikely symbol…

Driver training and operations presentation available for fleet managers and operators

26 May 2020

Energy Saving Trust has subsidised efficient driving training for more than 85,000 fleet drivers and has trained more than 1,200 instructors.

On the path to net zero: Energy Saving Trust

25 May 2020

How can we cut the UK’s carbon emissions enough to reach net zero by 2050? That’s the question we have been asking…

Developing smart cities in the UK

6 May 2020

Smart cities bring together infrastructure and technology to improve quality of life and enhance interactions with the urban environment.