Smart meters: saving energy into the future

7 June 2019

Smart meters have been around for a while but to date only around 35% of UK homes already have a smart meter…

Future homes: housing over the next 20 years

25 April 2019

The change in energy use has changed the way we use our homes already - but what will this mean for our…

Apps to save energy (and money)

9 April 2019

There are many energy apps on the market worth exploring, from free downloads and simple designs to more complex systems controlling smart…

PocketWatt tool set to continue as Digi-Label project comes to an end

4 March 2019

We have been coordinating the Digi-Label project – a European project to improve consumer understanding of energy labels - for the past…

Smart meters: top quality service is the smart option

19 February 2019

Other than some practical information, what exactly should you be expecting when you get a smart meter installed?

How smart robots can save on heating bills

14 February 2019

Our studies show that you can save around £40 a year by installing traditional under-floor insulation to help keep your home warm.

Energy ratings: everything you need to know

8 January 2019

Energy ratings come in a number of different forms, and while they’re there to help us make sound decisions, they can sometimes…

Coolproducts, the Restart Project and repairability

24 December 2018

A series of votes currently going through the European Parliament could soon turn our attention to the how easy it is to…

The improved Energy Saving Trust Register: how can it help you?

15 November 2018

Energy Saving Trust Register is an extensive database of energy efficient products, endorsed by Energy Saving Trust to help you find the…

Shedding new light on halogen bulb phase-out

5 March 2018

Time’s nearly up for halogen lighting – with all but a few types of the gas-based bulb scheduled for phase-out on 1…