Energycarer support in Scotland

15 July 2019

Following a successful pilot, Home Energy Scotland changed the in-home support it offers to householders, introducing Energycarers.

Green innovations: what happened next?

10 July 2019

We’ve checked back in with five technologies we wrote about back a few years ago, to see what’s happening now.

Can your toilet generate electricity?

4 July 2019

The amount of water flushed down our toilets is considerable – in fact, it’s the second biggest use of water in the…

Future homes: housing over the next 20 years

25 April 2019

The change in energy use has changed the way we use our homes already - but what will this mean for our…

Apps to save energy (and money)

9 April 2019

There are many energy apps on the market worth exploring, from free downloads and simple designs to more complex systems controlling smart…

Switching to renewable energy at home

2 April 2019

Whether it’s out of concern for the environment, an effort to cut fuel bills, or a desire to have the latest technology,…

Cold-calling: top tips to avoid rogue traders and installers

12 March 2019

If you receive a phone call or answer the door to someone using our name to try and sell you products or…

PocketWatt tool set to continue as Digi-Label project comes to an end

4 March 2019

We have been coordinating the Digi-Label project – a European project to improve consumer understanding of energy labels - for the past…

Smart meters: top quality service is the smart option

19 February 2019

Other than some practical information, what exactly should you be expecting when you get a smart meter installed?

Energy savings stats update with our insight and analytics team

18 February 2019

We publish information on how much money and carbon can be saved in the home across a range of measures, such as…