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Local and community energy renewable energy Wales renewable energy projects Welsh Government

Renewable energy resurgence in Wales

by Ieuan-Rhys Beal Wales’ sustainable energy targets are in sight thanks to a strong commitment to renewable energy. Less than 100 years ago Wales was a global leader in the distribution of coal, but earlier this year, alongside England and Scotland, it went two weeks coal-free . Already a world-...

Submitted by Rebecca Milligan on Wed, 25/09/2019 - 23:01



Transport sustainable transport ULEVs electric vehicles EV 100 Initiative

Accelerating electric vehicle take-up: the EV 100 Initiative

Transport represents nearly a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Global climate targets are dependent on being able to considerably reduce transport’s impact – and speeding a shift to electric, ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs). A significant part of that transition involves major...

Submitted by Gary Hartley on Sun, 22/09/2019 - 23:01



Transport low carbon transport low emissions vehicles clean air zone taxis London taxi

Tap to breathe – the low emission hail

by Oliver McHugh There are currently around 21,000 black cabs in London, licenced by the Public Carriage Office, with just under 88,000 other private-hire vehicles driving around in the capital. The chances are, when you’re riding in one of them, you will be a passenger in a low emission vehicle...

Submitted by Rebecca Milligan on Wed, 18/09/2019 - 23:01



Transport European Mobility Week Car Free Day low carbon transport walk cycling

European Mobility Week & Car Free Day

The way we get from place to place is important – with impacts on health and wellbeing, as well as climate change. Switching to low carbon transport can significantly improve your carbon footprint, transport, not including aviation and shipping, accounts for 20% of EU greenhouse gas emissions ...

Submitted by Gary Hartley on Sun, 15/09/2019 - 23:45



Transport electric vehicles transport innovation innovation hydrogen chargepoints

The Future of Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Technology presented at LCV 2019

By Luke Redfern With over 4,700 visitors, 250+ exhibitors and the launch of a new Connected Automated Mobility zone, the Energy Saving Trust Transport Team were blown away by the industry progress they witnessed at the Cenex organised Low Carbon Vehicle event, hosted by Millbrook Proving Ground, on...

Submitted by Rebecca Milligan on Thu, 12/09/2019 - 00:05



International Energy for Access coalition design challenge off-grid off-grid appliances

Efficiency for Access Design Challenge

Students from around the world have the opportunity to design affordable, energy-efficient appliances as part of a new Design Challenge. Over the next two years, students from universities in the UK, Kenya, Uganda and Bangladesh will rise to the challenge of designing off-grid appliances that will...

Submitted by Rebecca Milligan on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 23:01



Local and community energy district heat District heating London transport Underground Plymouth

Harnessing excess heat from public transport

Anyone who has had the dubious pleasure of travelling on the London underground network knows how hot it can get in some of the deeper tunnels. Temperatures of over 40C have been reported in the past, although Transport for London’s top figure for August 2017 was actually 31.4C – still toasty...

Submitted by Rebecca Milligan on Wed, 04/09/2019 - 23:53



Energy and water efficiency at home loft conversion home energy efficiency loft insulation domestic solar PV

Loft conversions and energy saving

Loft conversions are a popular choice to expand a home’s living space. Telltale skips and scaffolding are particularly prevalent in more expensive areas, where homeowners are anxious to make the most of any extra square footage. Some estimates put the number of loft conversions in London at around...

Submitted by Gary Hartley on Tue, 03/09/2019 - 11:56



Local and community energy Community energy energy justice EU Heroes local energy

Developing community energy, with some help from Europe

Energy generated and used in local areas opens up a level of independence from the big, dominant energy companies. It can bring a range of community benefits in its wake, from reducing fuel poverty to bringing individualised advice and support to households. The EU has a broad target for...

Submitted by Gary Hartley on Thu, 29/08/2019 - 00:01



Local and community energy district heat District heating Energy Saving Trust Scotland

Energy Saving Trust: supporting district heating in Scotland

Scotland aims to decarbonise its heating system by 2050. District heating , where heat is supplied from low-carbon sources via energy centres and a system of insulated pipes to homes, businesses and organisations over a local area, can play a significant part in achieving this. Indeed, the Scottish...

Submitted by Gary Hartley on Tue, 27/08/2019 - 00:15