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HJS Emission Technology GmbH and Co. KG

HJS Emission Technology Regenerating Trap CRT SMF

Product description

Continuously Regenerating Diesel Particulate Filter with a Sintered Metal Filter (SMF)
HJS Sintered Metal Filter (SMF) technology has been developed specifically for applications in the medium to high engine power range. As a rule these systems replace the original silencer and they can be customised as required to match specific machines and stationary applications.
The modular SMF systems require no extra regeneration aids, additives or intervention in the engine management system. The HJS Service Unit constantly displays the systems instantaneous operating state and indicates when the filter requires cleaning.
For low temperature applications the Sintered Metal Filter can be given a special coating in order to promote the regeneration process.
SMF advantages at a glance:

EST approved for NRMM applications
Easy DIY, on site filter cleaning
Exceptionally reduces the presence of soot particles and the particulate matter
Suitable for OE and retrofit applications
Proven system already installed on over 20,000 construction machines
High ash storage capacity and low exhaust back pressure
Low maintenance and economical to run
Reliable with a long service life

This product is certified by the Energy Saving Trust Non Road Mobile Machinery scheme

Endorsed product