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HJS Emission Technology GmbH and Co. KG

HJS Emission Technology JS SMF AR

Product description

The HJS Sintered Metal Filter with thermoelectric self-regeneration (SMF®-AR) has been developed to cater applications with frequently too low exhaust gas temperatures, commonly within mobile machinery and stationary applications. With this system the particulate filter can be regenerated at almost any engine operating point, irrespective of exhaust gas temperature. The heat necessary to burn off the particulate matter is generated by the SMF®-AR system itself.
Due to the compact and modular design of the SMF®-AR system it can be put to use in many different applications. Pipes and brackets can be modified as required to match the different machines and vehicles. As a rule, SMF®-AR systems replace the original silencer.
SMF®-AR systems are approved, in accordance with the Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG), for use within the NRMM Low Emission Zone in London.
SMF®-AR advantages at a glance:

EST approved for NRMM applications
Exceptionally reduces the presence of soot particles and the particulate matter
Particularly suitable for low temperature applications
Fully automatic, active regeneration
Robust thanks to the use of sintered metal (SMF®) “ Suitable for use in construction machinery
Suitable for OE and retrofitting applications
Reliable operation
Low maintenance
Longer service life
NO2-neutral regeneration
Use of fuels with a high share of sulphur as well as other œspecial fuels (e.g. kerosene) on request

This product is certified by the Energy Saving Trust Non Road Mobile Machinery scheme

Endorsed product