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H2 Foam Lite

Product description

Icynene H2 Foam Lite can be applied directly to breathable and non-breathable roof membranes without the need for an air gap. Because the foam is an open cell product it allows the passage of moisture vapour meaning that buildings can breathe naturally. It also means that roof timbers in contact with the foam will not sweat, they can expand and contract as normal without the foam delaminating from the timbers or causing increased moisture levels. When sprayed at rafter level the foam seals the building creating a warm roof structure ideal for room in roof applications. Icynene can also be applied at celling level in cold roof situations but adequate ventilation of the cold attic space must be maintained.

Icynene provide a 25-year warranty for all their products and H2Foam Lite is BBA Certified.  


This is an Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Product

Variants in this range

Roof and Rafter, Internal Wall, Timber Frame Walls, Floors

Endorsed product


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