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Lapolla Industries

Foam-Lok FL 3C

Product description

Lapolla FL 3C spray foam is a superior insulation product that is sprayed in place and fully adheres to the substrate, forming a cellular plastic that will last the life of the structure. FL 3C spray polyurethane foam provides exceptional performance in minimizing heat transfer, moisture gain, air leakage and improving racking strength. In addition, FL 3C provides an inherent air barrier with low moisture vapor permeability and excellent resistance to water. Lapolla FL 3C is ideal for pitched roofs and lofts of new and existing dwellings. FL 3C can be installed between and under timber rafters in warm pitched roofs or between and over ceiling joists in ventilated loft spaces. Lapolla FL 3C can also be used for external walls of new and existing dwellings. FL 3C can be installed either between the inner leaf studs of conventional timber frame cavity walls with a masonry outer skin, or applied to the internal surface of external solid masonry walls in combination with a dry lining system.



This is an Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Product

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Lapolla Industries

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