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Product description

Marmox Mulltiboard is a lightweight thermal insulation panel available in thicknesses from 10mm to 60mm.  The concrete skin of the board comprises just one and a half millimetres of the total thickness of the board meaning that the rest is all insulation product.  This allows thinner boards to be used because there is no need for a layer of plasterboard.  If the wall if flat, the boards can be fixed directly onto the existing wall without having to use battens which again reduces the space needed. The insulation within the board is XPS which is completely waterproof.  XPS is not affected by moisture so it is as effective in wet conditions as it is in the dry. In addition to providing thermal insulation, it provides a vapour control layer when the boards are sealed together which also reduces air leakage and interstitial condensation.  Please refer to the BBA certificate for information on the correct installation of this product.  This includes guidance on maintenance, installation alongside flues and appliances, ensuring water resistance, reducing condensation risk, preventing fire and ensuring that installers have the required approval.



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