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Energy Skills Partnership
Case study

Supporting PAS2030 in Orkney

Providing help with training and certification for those working in the energy efficiency and renewables markets across Scotland.

The programme is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Energy Saving Trust.

One way this has been done is through working with the Energy Skills Partnership (ESP) to support local companies in Orkney with PAS2030 certification in 2015.

This project was developed to support local businesses in gaining access to the Scottish Government’s Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland (HEEPS). A key element of HEEPS is the national fuel poverty programme, Warmer Homes Scotland, which is delivered by Warmworks on behalf of the Scottish Government. All sub-contractors have to meet the PAS2030 standards in order to deliver any contracts on behalf of Warmworks. This project looked to help local companies gain access to HEEPS contracts by upskilling them in PAS2030, which could allow them to benefit from the large amount of spend expected on the islands.

The Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2030 is a standard from the British Standards Institute (BSI), and covers the installation of measures on both domestic and non-domestic buildings. The first step towards certification for many installers is to develop a Quality Management System (QMS) to meet the PAS2030 core requirements. Installers must also meet the measure specific annexes, to show their competency to install the measures.

Energy Saving Trust and ESP worked together to deliver two introductory courses at Orkney College UHI in August 2015, which saw staff from West College Scotland deliver training to 20 people from 12 local companies. Following the introductory courses, further training was provided in Orkney on building fabric.

ESP is a collaboration of colleges established to increase Scotland’s capacity to deliver skills for the energy sector, ensuring Scotland has the trained and competent workforce required by the energy sector in the future. As well as helping the local companies with their PAS2030 certification, this project had also created opportunities for local colleges to further support training in a whole range of energy efficiency measures, methods of insulation, and draught proofing techniques.

As a result of this collaborative project with Energy Saving Trust and ESP, 10 companies in Orkney have signed up to be PAS2030 accredited, increasing their skills and knowledge and allowing them to bid for more contracts in the energy efficiency and renewables markets.

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Last updated: 28 October 2020