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Blog Post 8 September 2021 Updated 22 October 2021

Engaging customers through the digital landscape

These days, you can’t get away with ignoring all the benefits that the digital landscape can offer, especially when it means connecting with clients and customers in new ways. The average daily time spent online is slowly increasing every year, especially on social media, so why not make your customers’ online experience more positive and beneficial?

With most people now aware of net zero and its implications, providing advice on living more sustainably could help your organisation win more business.

Over the past year, nearly 3 million people have come to our site for advice, tips, support and information on saving energy at home, adopting low carbon and active travel modes, and building a more sustainable business on the journey to net zero.

Energy Saving Trust website: putting digital at the heart of what we do

Needless to say, our website, which spans hundreds and hundreds of pages, is a huge resource. We’ve partnered with several organisations to categorise and list our unique energy advice pages to support their customers through greener and sustainable living propositions.

As an authoritative voice on all things related to energy saving and the climate emergency, our pages attract traffic from across the UK from both consumers and businesses, who we offer consultancy to.

Consider creating a green living hub and including energy or sustainability resources that can put the power of saving energy into your customers’ hands. Get in touch if you want help planning your sustainability campaign.

Home Analytics: shining an analytical light on our housing stock

Home Analytics is our unique proprietary housing stock database, covering over 27 million properties across Great Britain and incorporating 120 energy variables for each site. This includes suitability for renewables and risk of fuel poverty.

The Home Analytics database has continued to grow since it launched in 2013, using Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) records as its primary data source. Other datasets include the Home Energy Efficiency Database, managed by Energy Saving Trust and incorporating 10 million records, and the Home Energy Check tool, which is used by householders to improve their energy profile. Land Registry and Ordnance Survey records add to the picture.

The great thing about Home Analytics is that it creates a complete profile for every region and then builds predictive models to fill in any missing gaps of information, making it the most accurate and comprehensive database out there.

“Wirral Council would certainly recommend Home Analytics, PEAT and the non-domestic buildings report to other local authorities looking for similar information, to assist them in improving buildings in the transition to low and zero carbon.”

– Ed Kingsley, principal strategic housing and investment officer, Wirral Council

Local authorities use it to baseline their housing stock as they tackle the climate emergency, using our Portfolio Energy Assessment Tool (PEAT) to analyse the raw data to identify the best carbon reduction actions for every property.

Commercial businesses use it as a lead generating tool to understand which of their products or services would be most relevant for a particular area. This works well with our product certification or energy communications consultancy.

Energy Efficiency Advice Tool: put an advice agent in the hands of your customers

Help your customers save energy at home with our unique energy advice mobile app – the Energy Efficiency Advice Tool (EEAT). It delivers tailored energy advice and the most effective energy saving methods for every room in the household.

Providing tailored energy efficiency guidance during smart meter installations is a critical requirement of the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP). This app can be used to help installers and energy suppliers meet this requirement, by providing tailored advice at the point of meter installation.

Our app is also available to other organisations looking to help customers on their energy saving journey and support their most vulnerable energy consumers by providing easily accessible energy saving advice in an easy-to-use, downloadable app.

Home Energy Efficiency Tool: for agents and self-service customers alike

The Home Energy Efficiency Tool (HEET) uses an intuitive interface combined with our market leading calculation engine to provide a range of engaging and tailored energy efficiency advice to your customers.

If you’re looking to add value to your brand and provide customers with actionable recommendations on ways to improve the energy efficiency of their home, then look no further.

Simple to use, the online tool works by asking a few questions about a customer’s home. It then uses our extensive reference data to fill in the gaps and model all possible combinations. This results in a tailored action plan identifying the most cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable investment solutions and energy saving advice.

This tool can be used as a self-service exercise by customers or as an information advice hub by your team.

“Energy Saving Trust were really knowledgeable in the field and went above and beyond answering energy efficiency questions, giving us verified facts for our articles in our green living hub and developing the Home Energy Saving Tool, which is really easy to use. Energy Saving Trust steered direction on a number of features of the Green Living proposition with their expertise.”

Sarah Coles, Halifax senior manager, mortgages customer development

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