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Say hello to our new mobile app for EV drivers in Scotland

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Do you live in Scotland and drive an ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV)? Do you want your experiences to help shape Scotland's low carbon future?

The EV Life® app is available free to download for electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Scotland. The app is part of a data collection project, funded by Transport Scotland and managed by Energy Saving Trust, designed to inform and shape Scotland's future policy and infrastructure needs.

Start your journey today, download the free EV Life® app.

Share how you drive and charge your EV. Log your activity in a personalised dashboard and compare your statistics to other users driving the same make and model of vehicle.

The app is available free of charge for use on Android and iOS mobile devices, download from the App Store (Apple UK) and Google Play Store.


Who is it for?

Those who own or lease an ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) which includes zero emission vehicles (ZEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) or range extended electric vehicles (REEV).

Key features:

Help shape Scotland's low carbon future

All data collected is anonymous and will help us better understand how ULEV vehicles are being used by private car owners in Scotland. Your data will help:

  • Forecast demand for charging facilities and associated energy requirements
  • Inform plans regarding the required mix of domestic, workplace and destination charging infrastructure
  • Inform policies required to support increased electric vehicle uptake
  • Calculate the carbon savings offered by increased electric vehicle adoption

Track your activity

Discover your cost and carbon savings.

Compare your performance 

Compare your statistics with others in the EV community, including those driving the same make and model of vehicle.

This app is part of a data capture project on EV driving in Scotland. It is funded by Transport Scotland, an agency of the Scottish Government. 

EV Life is a registered trade mark belonging to the Energy Saving Trust Limited.

Terms and conditions


Download the free EV Life® app now.

Download on the App Store               Get it on Google Play