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Blog Post 24 March 2021

How are you digitising energy advice for your customers?

Not everyone who needs energy advice goes out to find it. There’s a lot of energy saving information available online if you know what you’re looking for, but often tips and information aren’t up to date, or don’t cover the wider benefits of saving energy and reducing carbon. It’s also worth noting that nobody knows your customers like you do, so investing in something that can benefit them could build customer loyalty and showcase your commitment to net zero.

For the UK to reach its net zero target, everyone will need to contribute. It’s becoming even more important to give digital advice to your customers about energy saving and sustainable lifestyle changes. While not everyone can afford renewable technology, for example, there are many simple and cost-effective ways to reduce your energy usage and carbon emissions.

Giving energy advice is no longer the sole responsibility of local and national advice services. A growing number of industries see sustainability as a critical objective and there’s an increasing trend towards banks and charities giving energy advice to reduce fuel poverty, offering guidance on energy efficiency, as well as increasing consumer awareness of sustainability.

Everyone can do something to become more sustainable at work or at home, so it’s worth considering how your organisation can help customers save energy and become more sustainable.

Adding advice to your communications

If you want to add value to your services, or do more for both your employees and customers, especially when it comes to building back better after the Covid-19 pandemic, consider including energy saving tips, facts and information in your digital communications, such as:

  • e-shots
  • blog posts
  • website features
  • social media
  • mobile apps
  • chatbots

Energy Saving Trust has worked with organisations across the UK to provide inspiring and credible energy advice through a variety of digital mediums.

Did you know we have digital tools that can be integrated into you brand and website?

Our interactive home energy saving tools include:

  • The Home Energy Efficiency Tool, which can calculate energy costs and saving measures for any home in Great Britain. The tool can be integrated into your website.
  • The Energy Efficiency Advice app, which can provide useful and accurate energy and carbon savings advice on a room-by-room basis. This could be downloaded for iOS and Android by your customers.

Find out more

You might have the tools, but what about the messaging?

It’s important to get the right message to the right customers. Conversations about climate change won’t resonate as much with those living in fuel poverty as tips on how they can save money on their energy bills. Getting the message right and building tips and tools into your brand can add value to your services and increase customer satisfaction and trust in your brand.

One of the six trends currently helping brands stay ahead of what’s happening is sustainability, which includes showing your customers that you have an awareness of climate impact.

By showcasing your corporate sustainability and offering sustainable advice to customers, you’re more likely to appeal to the market of ethical consumers. A recent survey found that 66% of Britons believe long-term climate change is as serious as the Covid-19 pandemic, and should be prioritised in the green recovery.

With daily digital usage still steadily on the rise, focus on putting sustainability first by including energy efficiency and sustainable initiatives in your online communications with customers.

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Last updated: 17 March 2021