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Blog Post 25 January 2021

How Home Analytics can find your energy efficient products a home

Every home could benefit from some sort of energy efficiency upgrade, whether it’s topping up roof insulation, getting a top rated appliance or preventing draughts. However, often, homeowners or renters wait until it’s a necessity before acting, putting up with draughts, ineffective appliances and high energy bills for years before even thinking about making a change.

Being proactive with your energy efficient products will not only benefit your potential customers by helping them save energy, but will also benefit the environment and local councils, especially in light of the UK’s net zero ambitions.

We’ve spent over 20 years understanding the behaviours of energy consumers and have several guides for those looking to buy energy efficient products. It only takes a quick look online to see the numerous benefits of purchasing energy efficient products, but if you want further credibility and verified energy saving facts to shout about, our Product Verification service can verify fuel bill savings, carbon emission reductions and energy effectiveness.

Product Verification

Increase incoming customers

There are many home energy efficient products that can keep the heat in a home more effectively. We feature verified and endorsed products on the Energy Saving Trust Register, which helps narrows down products that may be suitable for potential buyers.

If applicable, you should also register with Trustmark, the government-endorsed quality and consumer protection register. Home improvers and local authorities looking to get the most out of the UK Government’s Green Homes Grant scheme will be looking here for businesses that can provide high quality home improvements.

Increase your potential customer base

Understanding the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of homes is a great place to start if you want to find homes or wider regions that might benefit from your product. It can be even more effective if you can link your product to a specific home energy characteristic that can be improved.

You can access and research open sourced EPC data of homes free of charge, and although this doesn’t account for all UK homes, it will help build a picture and correlation of homes that your product would suit. If you’re looking for even more details and insights, you should check out our Home Analytics service.

Home Analytics

Research and analysis

You can go one step further and measure exactly how your product could improve the EPC rating and Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) score for home using energy modelling.

Energy Saving Trust’s team of researchers, modellers and data analysts can produce tailored data and content to support your projects and products, as well as look at consumer attitudes to find new market suitability.

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You should also check that your energy labels are up-to-date with the new standard that comes into effect March 2021.With the lifespan of energy efficient products extending into the decades, consumers are becoming increasingly selective when choosing which products to bring into their home. Having a trusted voice that has verified your product can help highlight the benefits of energy efficient installations and appliances.

Last updated: 20 January 2021