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Blog Post 22 December 2021

How your business can use energy advice to stay connected to households

Have you considered using advice to connect to your customers?

Advice on how to keep homes warm and efficient this winter is a great idea for extra support. Our research indicates that energy bills could rise by up to £240 per household in 2022, and a little support and some effort with energy efficiency could negate this extra cost.

Here’s some advice your business could give to stay connected to households this winter.

Stay connected while travelling

Although it’s cold this time of year, active travel is still a valid option for getting from A to B in the most sustainable way. Active travel, such as walking, cycling or wheeling, can reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health. Walking regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease by 35% and on average, you can walk a mile in around 15-20 minutes, or cycle this in just 5 minutes. Public and shared transport are also good ways to cut carbon and reduce the cost of travelling.

Consider providing tips and fuel savings with a guide to sustainable travel, especially in towns and cities where public transport and cycle routes are more plentiful.

If you work in government or local authority, or are looking for business specific advice, check out our transport business page.

Stay connected while working

Many organisations have moved to a hybrid working model to protect employees while maintaining their offices. This could help to reduce emissions from the office and commuting, however it does increase home energy bills. Some workers might be impacted by increased energy bills, especially during the colder months. Just one energy saving tip a week could add up to a year of savings.

Whether employees are working remotely or in an office, reinforcing your communications with home office energy saving tips can incentivise people to become more energy efficient. For example, turning the central heating thermostat down by one degree could save £65 and 300kg of carbon dioxide every year.

Helping to make everyone’s home office or workplace more energy efficient could have other benefits too, such as improved wellbeing.

If your organisation is looking for business specific advice, check out our information on employee engagement.

Stay connected at home

When they’re not at work, many people will likely be spending more time in their homes this winter due to the cold and COVID-19. There’s an opportunity to use short animations or infographics that highlight the financial and sustainability benefits of reducing energy use at home.

From wall insulation or suitability for renewables, to glazing and boiler type, there are over 90 different energy-related variables that can result in heat loss, high energy bills and excess carbon emissions.

Offering interactive or engaging ‘quick-win’ energy efficiency advice, which is simple, easy to find and even easier to remember, could help householders make significant savings on their energy bills. We’re working with energy suppliers and local authorities to deliver energy efficiency advice apps across Great Britain.

At Energy Saving Trust, we empower millions of householders every year to make better energy choices. Signposting to available support is an important aspect of creating a valuable relationship with householders. We have information about the different types of financial assistance available to help householders make their homes more energy efficient. Make sure to support your customers and residents with energy efficiency.

Why not use our free content?

  • Download our guide for consumer home energy efficiency communications this winter.

  • Get tips on how to put the power to save energy, money and carbon in your customers’ hands.

  • Check out our guide on creating an effective consumer targeting plan based on home energy data.


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Last updated: 22 December 2021