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Leading the way in LEDs

girl reading under energy saving LED lamp

Combining knowledge of energy efficient products and EU programmes, we helped online retailer Well-lit to make a bright start. 

It’s difficult to build a reputation in the lighting industry but Chris Stimson, founder of new online retail website Well-lit, has finally managed to flick the switch with the Energy Saving Trust.

After several years’ experience sourcing quality LED products for electrical companies Chris had become frustrated with the way his clients were sourcing products in order to grow their margins, sacrificing quality for cheaper alternatives.

energy saving light bulbsThe LED market was getting a bad name and customers were unaware of the range of high and low lighting products available. What the market needed was for quality products to be brought back on the shelves and Chris set out to make this happen.

With his many long-standing relationships with manufacturers, Chris secured exclusive products at low cost prices, and with this winning formula Well-lit was born. The retail website would sell the highest quality LED products in the UK at similar prices to the low quality products sold by his competitors.

It became clear after an initial conversation that the Energy Saving Trust and Well-lit share a common goal to encourage adoption of high quality energy efficient products and to provide accurate information to customers.

“These days, if products don’t work as promised the manufacturer will get found out very quickly. All purchases from our website are completely risk free for the customer” says Chris, who credits his involvement in PremiumLight as an asset for Well-lit.

The PremiumLight project with the Energy Saving Trust has been a huge help. To be able to inform customers that the claims we make about our products have been independently verified in a lab builds trust and confidence in our company and products.”

PremiumLight gives consumers the information they need to enable them to make informed buying decisions. Well-lit is an official co-operation partner of the project, in which resources and expertise are provided to independently test LED products and to provide assurances as to the claims of the manufacturer and the quality of the products on sale.

Chris’s journey with Well-lit has only just begun. For his entrepreneurial efforts, Chris recently received a Small Business Sunday Award from Dragons Den judge Theo Paphitis. In only a short space of time Chris has founded and built Well-lit into a thriving enterprise by putting quality first. With the Energy Saving Trust on board he has been able to grow his profit margins without compromising on his vision for a brighter future for LEDs.