Stepping up as the mission gets more urgent

29 July 2021

We must use our expertise and the trust that people have in our impartiality to inform, to support and engage. Together we…

Renewing our role in touching people’s lives

29 July 2021

As we build back better, we must take with us the lessons of the past year in terms of how we work,…

Building our capacity, scaling up our impact

29 July 2021

Our mission is to address the climate emergency. Our strategy is to increase the pace and impact of our work, to encourage…

Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group calls for significant investment to decarbonise homes

19 July 2021

The Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group has called on the Treasury to support a Better Buildings Investment Plan to help decarbonise homes.

We must seize the opportunity for improved home energy efficiency

25 January 2021

We must use 2021 to put in place a fair and affordable programme to upgrade our housing stock.

Working to address the climate emergency in 2021 and beyond

6 January 2021

Our chief executive Mike Thornton looks back at a turbulent year, and offers his views of the challenge ahead in 2021.

Coordinated and collaborative action is needed on housing to meet net zero

8 December 2020

The extension to the Green Homes Grant scheme is a vital part of the government's recent ten-point green plan - improving the…

Feed-in tariff cuts: which way now for the solar industry?

26 October 2018

There is a huge potential for solar photovoltaic panels on UK homes, and it’s a technology that’s well liked by the public.