Plans to accelerate EV uptake announced by UK Government

24 September 2020

The new plans include chargepoints at popular destinations and clear public signage for drivers on UK roads.

New Zap-Map service unveiled for EV drivers

24 September 2020

A new in-app payment service called Zap-Pay has been unveiled to make charging an electric vehicle a simpler experience for owners.

Highways England to invest over £9 million in EV trials

24 September 2020

The UK Government has announced a new initiative to support the uptake of electric vehicles through a 'try before you buy' scheme.

Energy Saving Trust report update: delivering home energy programmes in Scotland

24 September 2020

This report update outlines the home energy programmes Energy Saving Trust delivers on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Thousands of homes across Wales made ready for winter

22 September 2020

Warm Homes Nest scheme's annual report for 2019-20 outlines the activity undertaken to support fuel poor homes across Wales.

EU HEROES: shaping the future of community solar

22 September 2020

EU HEROES is a European project that tackles barriers to the development of community-owned solar photovoltaic projects.

Be bold: warm homes by 2030 for a green recovery

17 September 2020

We look at how the Green Homes Grant scheme could be a springboard for an ambitious action on England’s thermally inadequate homes.

Energy Saving Trust’s response to the Climate Assembly report

10 September 2020

Our approach to supporting the transition to a net zero carbon emission society is that solutions must begin with engaging people.

Opportunities for electric vehicle adoption as part of the green recovery

9 September 2020

Across the world, governments are looking towards a sustainable, green economic recovery, as the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic recedes.

Welsh climate governance as a model for Northern Ireland

29 July 2020

The Welsh Government has recently implemented its own climate target regime, facing similar challenges to Northern Ireland in decarbonising.