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verified by Energy Saving Trust Cenergist Limited


Fitted into the piping, the HL2024 Inline 3P is optimally suitable to control flows into specified areas of any water system. As such it ensures system stabilisation, and optimises user comfort.

Flow rate variants (combination of HL2024 Flow Controllers) 5.0 | 7.8 | 10.0 | 12.8 | 15.0 | 15.6 | 17.8 | 20.6 | 23.4 l/min

The HL2024 Flow Controller is at the heart of every HL2024 product. Quickly and automatically adjusting to pressure differences, HL2024 Flow Controllers deliver a constant flow rate within narrow tolerances. Thereby HL2024 optimises user experience, adds stability to water systems, and can reduce flow rates leading to water and energy savings.

HL2024 is the only flow regulator on the market that meets KIWA’s performance protocol BRL K635/03 requirements for pressure independence.

As per Kiwa’s publically available certification database, as of 22nd November 2019.

These product claims have been Verified by the Energy Saving Trust

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