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endorsed by Energy Saving Trust Johnson Matthey GmbH & Co. KG

DPF-BU Diesel Burner Regeneration

Johnson Matthey DPF-BU Diesel Burner Regeneration

This DPF-BU system is designed for low exhaust temperature applications, offers a fast regeneration cycle of around 25 minutes and does not require external power. This makes it more flexible than electrical regeneration systems. A diesel burner is installed in front of the filter and operates using the on-board battery and fuel from the machine’s main Diesel tank. The DPF-BU system is the best choice for working times longer then 6-8 hours (such as 2 and 3 shift operations) and where the time taken for the regeneration cycle is critical. Also, the application can be used far away from the depot as no external energy will be needed.

In the UK Johnson Matthey is represented by BISAF Ltd (

This product is certified by the Energy Saving Trust Non Road Mobile Machinery scheme

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