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verified by Energy Saving Trust Kelda Showers Ltd

Air-Powered™ Shower System

Kelda’s Air-Powered™ showers use the principles of fuel injection technology. Each shower features a microprocessor and digital fan which controls the delivery of water and air to the showerhead.  Within the showerhead, water is injected into a high-velocity air stream where it is broken up into hundreds of droplets that are 250% bigger than can be found in a standard shower.

By reducing the flow rate, the Kelda shower uses less water, and less energy to heat the hot water required, compared to a standard shower.

Verified Claims

Claim (£Total saving)

A family of four with metered water could save around £255 a year by replacing their standard mixer shower with a Kelda shower.

Claim (CO2e saving)

A family of four could save 590 kg of carbon dioxide a year by replacing their standard mixer shower with a Kelda shower. This is equivalent to planting 210 trees every year.


Assumes each occupant showers once per day and water heated by gas boiler of average stock efficiency, with a gas price of 3.827 pence per kilowatt hour and combined water and sewerage price of 0.268 pence per litre. The tree carbon equivalent is based on new UK woodland plantations at 1,900 trees per hectare.

All statements are correct as of June 2021 and valid for 12 months.

These product claims have been Verified by the Energy Saving Trust

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