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verified by Energy Saving Trust Mixergy Limited

Hot Water Tank Cylinder

The Mixergy tank contains several features designed to make the generation of domestic hot water more efficient and controllable, such as:

  • The ability to heat only the volume of hot water required by the household
  • A specially designed inlet diffuser which keeps hot and cold water volumes separate
  • Sensing technology that allows the Mixergy tank’s computer to understand exactly how much how water is available within the tank
  • Internet connectivity allowing remote operation via an app
  • Utilisation of a special plate heat exchanger for heat transfer from indirect heating sources
  • Sensors to monitor tank and boiler temperatures and ability to adjust temperatures through internet-connected software to avoid boiler short cycling.

Verified Claims

Fitting a Mixergy cylinder could typically reduce the amount of gas used to provide hot water by 12%, compared to fitting a new market leading alternative cylinder.

Based on laboratory tests over a range of boiler and cylinder thermostat settings and using a standard hot water draw cycle. Actual savings will vary depending on your circumstances.
The product can potentially reduce gas usage for water heating by a combination of reducing the amount of water heated and by adjusting heating settings to avoid unwanted boiler cycling and to optimise the operating efficiency of the boiler. Different households will benefit more or less from each of these elements, so there will be significant variation in the actual savings seen. This product will not affect the amount of gas used for space heating.

If a boiler is short cycling regularly, fitting a Mixergy cylinder can help to eradicate this, leading to total water heating gas savings of up to 21%.

All statements are correct as of April 2021 and valid for 12 months.

These product claims have been Verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

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