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The Optimum Vibe is one of a new generation of radio-frequency programmable room thermostats intended for combination boiler installations, to regulate room temperature.  The control set includes the 2 x AAA battery-powered Vibe programmable thermostat, and a mains-powered wall-mounted receiver.  The thermostat has touch-type capacitive icons for ease of use, and can accept 3 programmed comfort temperature periods in each 24 hours, as well as 4 set-back temperature periods for when heating is not required.  The set can be manually overridden at any time at the transmitter or the receiver.  The Vibe uses the more recently released 868MHz frequency, which makes communications more secure than many other radio frequency controllers, and incorporates advanced Optimisation or ‘TPI’* temperature control, to gain ‘Boiler Plus’ status as a Class IV control. * TPI = Time Proportional Integral

This is an Energy Saving Trust Endorsed product.

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