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Floor Insulation

Q-Bot has developed a solution for the insulation of suspended timber floors. A remotely operated robotic device applies spray-foam insulation to the underside of the floor, resulting in a reduction in heat loss through the floor and a barrier to cold air draughts.
The robot enters the underfloor cavity via an access hatch or air vent, so removes the needs to uplift flooring as in a traditional floor insulation application.

Verified Claims


Insulating suspended-timber flooring can reduce the building’s heat loss, reducing energy demand and lowering fuel bills.


The physical characteristics of the insulation materials and building construction materials, the depth the insulation is applied, as well as occupant behaviour will determine the extent of which the insulation could reduce energy demand.

As with all insulation, due caution should be exercised as adequate ventilation is required to prevent issues from moisture build up.


Insulating floors will reduce heat loss, improving the level of thermal comfort that may result in a reduction of energy demand, lowering fuel bills. All insulation works by slowing the movement of heat as it moves from warm areas to cooler areas. Floor insulation may additionally prevent draughts entering the property through floorboards.

All statements are correct as of April 2021 and valid for 12 months.

These product claims have been Verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

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