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Label 2020

Label 2020

Label 2020 is an EU programme to improve energy efficiency labelling on appliances.

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**This project finished on the 30th November 2022**

The energy label for products has been a key driver supporting innovation and market development for energy efficient product technologies for more than 20 years. Label 2020 is a Horizon 2020 funded project which aims to support the transition in energy labelling from the original A+++ to D standard, to a new A-G class; a necessary update that takes into account future rescaling based on technology and market development, and helps consumers make better decisions.

As part of a consortium of 16 countries, Energy Saving Trust supports the smooth market transition towards the new energy labels in the UK. Working closely with key actors and partners, Energy Saving Trust’s role in the project is to disseminate communications, provide training and guidance and ensure that all stakeholders are prepared for the label rescale and supported throughout the transition period. This is being achieved by reaching:

  • consumers and professional buyers, using effective information campaigns, services and tools.
  • retailers, promoting the effective implementation of the new label at the point of sale including training and supportive tools for the label promotion.
  • manufacturers, providing them with communication materials and guidance to produce correct labels and product information.
  • policy makers, public administrators and multipliers, advising them in the use and promotion of the new label within national programs and schemes (eg green procurement, incentives).

For more information about the new energy label and the project, please visit the project website.

Last updated: 30 August 2023