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Case Studies

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Calor Gas case study

Learn how the Energy Saving Trust developed a bespoke online home energy assessment tool, powered by our market-leading energy calculation engine for Calor Gas. The software provides customers with impartial, trusted and accurate energy saving advice and it also allows Calor to promote their products and services.

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Capturing the “multiple benefits” of energy efficiency in practice: the UK example

In this paper we use the UK as a case study, to analyse how these wider benefits are recognised within a national policy context. Applying the IEA approach, we discuss key evidence for the macroeconomic, fiscal and wellbeing impacts of domestic energy efficiency programmes in the UK.

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Savvy Highlanders

Savvy Highlanders case study  - Million Miles project

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Frances Marggraf HEEPs case study

Frances Marggraf HEEPs case study- April 2015

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Southside Housing Association

Southside Housing Association case study on transport - Dec 2014

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eConnect Cars

Find out how the plugged-in fleets initiative and support of the Energy Saving Trust has helped eConnect Cars grow their fleet sustainably.

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