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Employee engagement

Want to help your employees adopt healthier and happier lifestyles?

Funded by the Scottish Government and delivered through Home Energy Scotland, our free and interactive employee engagement can help your staff save energy at home. Through interactive workshops, e-learning and tailored solutions for your organisation, we can help your employees reduce their bills and improve their wellbeing.

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Free interactive workshops and e-learning

We can deliver a programme of workshops in-house at a time that suits you and your workforce. We also have an e-learning tool so staff working remotely can get involved. Find out more about the topics below or email us to get started.

We can also support with:

  • Employee engagement strategy
    From developing an action plan to implementing activity and effective evaluation, we can help you create a valuable, sustainable programme.

  • One to one support 
    Your employees could:

    • Get guidance on funding, including grants and loans for energy efficient boilers, insulation, renewable technologies and electric vehicles
    • Receive specialist in-home advice visits about installing renewable technologies and/or solid wall insulation. 
    • Visit green homes and householders on our Green Homes Network

Key benefits for your organisation

  • Greener behaviour at work - as staff tune in to saving energy at home, they are likely to adopt the same behaviour in the workplace

  • Improved ‘green credentials’ and evidence for environmental and ethical accreditations

  • Support for your corporate social responsibility and HR objectives.

Key benefits for your employees

  • Save money - making a few small changes to how energy is used at home could bring substantial savings. 

  • Learn new skills - ideal for setting up or upskilling a green team

  • Live a low carbon lifestyle and helping build a greener, healthier Scotland.

How we've helped organisations like yours

Paul Mack, Energy and Carbon Manager, Network Rail

"We are aiming to achieve ambitious energy usage and carbon emission reduction targets within the next five years, and are executing the energy efficiency workshops throughout our organisation to encourage positive energy conservation behaviours. Our workforce have absolutely enjoyed these sessions and have attained tangible energy saving techniques to be applied every day in work and at their homes too."

Amanda Keen, Systems Auditor, Highland Spring

“During our ISO14001 Audit, it was recommended that we should do some focus days/weeks on topics such as waste and energy saving.  When the training was offered it felt like a good chance to kick start this. It was very informative and engaging with lots of new ideas and facts that surprised us all.”


Derek McGregor, Senior Policy Officer, SEPA

"The range of services on offer to our members was very impressive. Everything from free in-depth home renewables visits with tailored advice to organising eco-driving courses for our staff at our workplace. The staff are very committed and knowledgeable and it would be an understatement to say I am very impressed."

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