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Car Clubs

What is a car club?

A car club is a member-based organisation that provides access to pay-as-you-drive vehicles. These vehicles are available for hire for as little as 30 minutes up to several days at a time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Car club vehicles tend to be parked in dedicated and clearly marked parking spaces close to homes and workplaces.

What are the benefits?

Car clubs offer a lower cost per mile than grey fleet and save time and money for your organisation by reducing administration costs.

The car club also covers all the costs of owning and operating the vehicles, including insurance, tax, fuel, parking permits, cleaning and servicing.

Research undertaken by CoMoUK found that car clubs release 33% less emissions per km than the average vehicle in the UK.

How does it work?

You can join online by paying a membership fee and choosing either, an hourly or daily rate and a mileage rate. Members are billed for the total number of hours and miles used at the end of each month.

Vehicles can be booked online, over the phone or using an app. To get into a car club vehicle simply swipe the membership card over a card-reader on the windscreen.


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