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Sustainable Business Transport Review

Hear the latest Scottish and EST transport news and updates

Looking to lower your transport and travel costs? If so, we can help. Our free sustainable transport review service helps organisations in Scotland become more efficient with their transport and travel arrangements. By becoming more efficient you are likely to save money and cut your carbon emissions too.

Our sustainable transport coordinators have so far provided bespoke transport advice to 1,300 organisations in Scotland, and have identified average annual savings of over £16,000 and 31 tonnes of carbon dioxide for those who received a sustainable transport review.

How does it work?

Our coordinators will work with your organisation to gather the company data and information they need to write up the review identifying both cost and environmental savings. They will write up their findings in a report, highlighting the business case for change. The sections of the report are:

  • analysis of current situation
  • recommendations
  • rationale for change.

The free service assesses your organisation’s current transport arrangements and travel behaviour and recommends what you can do to become more sustainable.

Recommendations and information can be provided on a range of sustainable transport measures for your organisation.

These can help reduce your travel and transport costs by encouraging you to consider such things as video conferencing instead of actual travel, promoting cycling and public transport in the workplace, travel planning, replacing vehicles, fuel efficient driver training and many other options

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