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Lower my carbon footprint

At home and on the road, new technology is increasingly focused on reducing our impact on the environment. Whether you’re planning a home renovation or just planning a short trip – we’ve got you covered when it comes to free impartial advice, tools, and even financial support.
Here are some of the ways we can help:

Create a greener home

We’re a nation of home improvers. Having a warm home, improving comfort and reducing fuel bills are big priorities for homeowners in Scotland. Now, you can do all of these things whilst also making your home more environmentally friendly, sustainable and with a lower carbon footprint. With advice and financial support, making your home green is easier than you might think. 



Four ways to create a greener home

Book a free home visit from a specialist

You can get free advice from a specialist, in your home or over the phone. One of our specially trained advisors will assess your property and its energy performance and explain your options for generating your own heat or power at home.

Visit a green home near you

You can search, browse and read stories from people who’ve already installed renewables using this handy case study tool. You can even book a visit to a green home and chat directly with the householder about their experiences, first hand.

Find a quality installer

Looking to install solar panels, heat pump or biomass boiler? You can use this handy tool to get details and reviews of accredited installers throughout Scotland who can carry out the work for you.

Check your green energy options

If you’re considering renewables, you can check which systems could work best in your home with this nifty calculator that shows the most suitable options based on your property details.

Embrace greener travel

We know that climate change is an immediate and urgent problem, but driving a car is still an essential part of many people's everyday routines. Most of these journeys - over 50% in fact - cover a distance of less than 5km. 

There are greener travel options for those short, everyday journeys that not only reduce carbon emissions and help the environment but are also rich in other benefits too. 

Walking, cycling, car sharing, and public transport are all great alternative methods of transport that reduce travel costs and improve both our health and our environment.



Thinking about purchasing an electric car or van?  Home Energy Scotland can help you with an interest-free Electric Vehicle Loan, funded by Transport Scotland (an agency of the Scottish Government). Drivers in Scotland can apply for loans of:

  • up to £35,000 to cover the cost of purchasing a new pure electric / plug-in hybrid vehicle

  • up to £10,000 to cover the cost of purchasing a new electric motorcycle or scooter

Read more here


Do you already drive an electric vehicle (EV)? Say hello to EV Life!

Do you live in Scotland and drive an ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV)? Do you want your experiences to help shape Scotland’s low carbon future? The EV Life app has been designed for EV drivers in Scotland, find out more here.


Four ways to embrace greener travel

Get out and about:

You can get advice on active travel and public transport, car sharing and more from our advice teams across Scotland (we pride ourselves on our local transport knowledge!).

Jump on an ebike

Embrace active travel with an ebike - a great alternative to a car for short journeys. Contact us to find out about our interest free ebike and ecargo bike loans for up to £6,000.

Going electric?

If you’re thinking about buying a shiny new electric car, van or motorbike, our comparison tool can help you decide on the best option to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Travel better

Our advisors have great tips and techniques to help reduce your travel costs and environmental impact, and to gain health benefits through your choice of travel. They can help you on the road to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle today!

Get active and help the environment

Did you know that in 2017, 32% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions came from transport? Walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport are all great alternative methods of travel that help reduce emissions and improve both our health and our environment. Home Energy Scotland provides practical advice and support to make greener travel choices.


Webinars to help you go green

An Introduction to Climate Change

Find out what climate change is and why we need to take action now.

How You Can Combat the Climate Crisis

Learn how you can reduce your carbon emissions.

My Journey to Sustainability

Follow one person's journey to save money and energy at home.

We're here to help

We've got the know-how and the facts and figures to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Call us on 0808 808 2282 and see what we can do to help.