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News 23 March 2019 Updated 4 November 2020

The Energy Redress Scheme in numbers

Energy Saving Trust was appointed by Ofgem in April 2018 to deliver the Energy Redress scheme, which distributes the funds raised from fines on energy companies that may have breached regulations. Charities with a focus on supporting energy consumers can submit proposals during each open round of funding, although they’re free to register their interest at any time. Eligible projects cover a wide range of activities across England, Scotland and Wales, from helping to make homes more energy efficient, to providing advice that helps consumers keep on top of their bills.
  • support over 29,000 vulnerable households with home energy advice over the next two years
  • employ 43 energy advisers
  • increase the energy advice skills of over 700 volunteers.

If you are part of a charity that would like to contribute to statistics like these, consider registering to be part of the scheme on the Energy Redress website.

Nine months on from the announcement of successful projects under Round 1 of the Energy Redress scheme, it has had a significant impact already. Let’s break it down in numbers.

Three rounds of the Energy Redress Scheme

The Energy Redress scheme rounds run on a quarterly basis, the first opened in August 2018. To date, there have been three rounds. Following our announcement of the successful applications for Round 3, the scheme shows no signs of slowing down, with the fourth round opening for applications on the 1 April 2019.

340 charities registered with the scheme

Since the scheme launched in April 2018, we’ve had 340 eligible Charities register to apply for funding from all over Great Britain. Unfortunately, we are unable to fund all of the projects that are submitted. However, charities that are unsuccessful, are able to re-examine their project and reapply in future rounds. There are plenty of tips available in the application guidance pack on our website.

189 applications so far

While 340 charities have registered to be part of the scheme, our committee has received 189 funding applications so far. No two projects are the same. They vary widely in terms of their objectives, location and project size.

28 funded projects

To date, the Energy Redress scheme has funded 28 projects across England, Scotland and Wales, with more on the way in future funding rounds. Take a look at our interactive map to see how widely spread they are.

£2,856,015 in funding

Energy Saving Trust has distributed £2,856,015 in funding to charities, which will be supporting vulnerable energy users in a variety of different ways. Take a look at the projects we have funded.


…is the largest amount of funding secured for a single project so far. Bioregional is a project based in London and the South East. This successful Round 2 project aims to bring affordable renewable energy to disadvantaged customers, including those on pre-pay meters through the development of new software.


On the flipside, this is the smallest amount of funding secured for a single project to date, but it’s no less important. The Wigan Warriors Community Foundation was one of the first charities to secure Energy Redress funding. They are developing a Community Energy Champion Programme to support hard to reach vulnerable residents, who might not otherwise engage with their existing affordable warmth service and welfare provision.

Two development officers

Here at Energy Saving Trust we have hired two development officers to support charities that are interested in applying to the Energy Redress scheme. They will also be monitoring and supporting the projects that were successful in securing funding.

Last updated: 4 November 2020