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Fleet support

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We offer in-depth support to suit your organisation's requirements.

We engage with organisations across a range of sectors, providing expert assessment of fleet vehicles and sustainable business transport processes to help organisations make financial and environmental savings. With funding provided by the Department for Transport (DfT) our services are provided at no cost to you.

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Fleet support

Our fleet support could save your fleet up to £300,000 and 250 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year*. Our Fleet Reviews follows a simple process based on an understanding of your organisation’s needs:

  1. An initial meeting with an Energy Saving Trust Fleet Support Manager to understand your needs and objectives, as well as current fleet infrastructure, processes and costs.
  2. We will carry out a full analysis of your fleet’s data and produce our recommendations in an in-depth report. Your Fleet Support Manager will then present our recommendations to you to allow you to fully discuss these and ask any questions you may have. You may qualify for additional support to help implement any recommendations.
  3. Your Fleet Support Manager will follow up with you after six and 12 months to review progress and see what additional help and advice they may be able to offer.

For more information and to learn about other ways we can help you, download our Fleet Support leaflet.

To apply for a Fleet Review, contact

*based on clients between 2018-19. Carbon dioxide savings include other greenhouse gases (CO2e).


Green Fleet Reviews are carried out by our Fleet Support Managers, and evaluate how sustainable a fleet operation is and identify opportunities to reduce emissions, fuel costs and expenditure.

The review will take the form of a comprehensive report, providing advice on vehicle choice, fuel economy, mileage reduction strategies, grey fleet management and staff engagement.

Download our factsheet to read more about this review, how it can benefit your organisation, and how to apply.


The nationwide introduction of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) and the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London can be daunting but our Air Quality Fleet Reviews can help you understand how your fleet contributes to air pollution, and identify ways to reduce this and avoid charges.

Depending on your fleet size and business needs, you will receive a short review or a full fleet report, providing advice on poor air quality, your fleet vehicles and their Euro emission standards, and how to comply with CAZs and the ULEZ. For larger fleets the report will include further information. 

Download our factsheet to read more about this review, how it can benefit your organisation, and how to apply.


An Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Review will identify where plug-in or alternatively-fuelled vehicles could be appropriate and cost effective for your fleet.

The review is a four step process: 1. Identify opportunities to replace existing vehicles with plug-in alternatives, 2. Analyse and compare whole life costs for potential replacement vehicles, 3. Consider operational aspects such as re-charging within duty cycles and route optimisation, and 4. Guidance on driver acceptance and education.

Download our factsheet to read more about this review, how it can benefit your organisation, and how to apply.


Do your employees use their own vehicles for business purposes? This is known as ‘grey fleet’, and has significant financial, environmental, air quality and safety implications, all of which can be mitigated with the help of our Grey Fleet Review.

The review will take the form of a detailed report, providing a profile of the vehicles being used as grey fleet, an introduction to a travel hierarchy, potential alternatives to grey fleet, duty of care implications, and advice on pool cars, daily rental and car clubs.

Download our factsheet to read more about this review, how it can benefit your organisation, and how to apply.


Freight and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) is an important aspect of fleet management, and our HGV Review is the best place to start.

This review can determine how sustainable an HGV fleet operation is, explore opportunities to reduce emission and fuel costs, and demonstrate how best practice, new technologies and different fuel types could be applied to reduce future expenditure.

Download our factsheet to read more about this review, how it can benefit your organisation, and how to apply.



Fleet Heroes Awards

The Fleet Heroes Awards & Conference celebrate organisations who are delivering a cleaner and more efficient future for transport.

The event brings together transport experts, business and government to discuss and celebrate fleet sustainability and innovation, low emission vehicles and air quality.

Thank you to all those who attended Fleet Heroes Awards & Conference 2018, and information regarding the 2019 event will be released soon.


Visit the Fleet Heroes website and follow #FleetHeroes to get the latest news.

Fleet Heroes Awards 2018

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Fleet Briefings and Webinars  

You can keep up-to-date with the latest developments in sustainable business transport and news about our projects, webinars and newly published best practice guides by signing up to our monthly Fleet Briefing newsletter

Watch transport webinars

Listen to our transport experts discuss key topics and interact with your questions, via our regular webinars.

Recordings of our previous webinars are available to watch now: 

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Case studies and next steps


Z-Tech provides intelligent engineering solutions, and have taken on the challenge of reducing their fleet’s CO2 emissions and improving the sustainability of their fleet through the adoption of ultra low emissions vehicles.

University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria's focus was to manage the the costs of ageing vehicles with low mileage, and reduce carbon emissions and air pollution on campus.

Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council has invested significantly in ultra low emission vehicles, following comprehensive fleet reviews and the installation on-site and home chargepoints.

DEFRA Group Fleet Services

The Environment Agency, as part of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Group Fleet Services, operates a 5,000-vehicle fleet, including 1,500 vans and 3,500 company cars, and their mission is to protect and improve the environment for people and wildlife.

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