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Blog Post 25 January 2018 Updated 9 November 2020

Big Energy Saving Week: simple advice to bring big results

It’s Big Energy Saving Week, so it’s probably no surprise to see us showcasing some easy ways to save money and make your energy and water consumption more sustainable.

So, what have we got?

Wise up to energy bills

Well, firstly, we reckon it’s really important to simply understand your energy bill – and of course, work out whether you can get a better deal elsewhere. Don’t stick with what you’ve got for the sake of it – put the market to the test by checking out the price comparison tool from our partners Citizens Advice.

Get the better of the (heating) system

Once you’re on the best tariff for your current needs, control is key if you’re to maximise your savings.

This can mean a few things where home energy is concerned, but a good place to start is getting to grips with your heating and hot water by installing room thermostats, a programmer and thermostatic radiator valves. It’s not exactly ‘sexy’ stuff, but when used properly, you can save £75 a year.

It doesn’t need a change of boiler either. Getting the right controls enables you to set heating and hot water to turn on and off as you require them, heat only the parts of your home that need it, and at the right temperature. Sure beats a blanket heat across everywhere, regardless of whether anyone’s around to benefit from the comfort.

dial back on bills thermostat for big energy saving week

Turn up the control with tech

You can take control up a level with smart technology. Smart heating controls are becoming increasingly available on the high street and online, and let you get a handle on home heating from your smart phone whether you’re at work, on the bus… or even at home.

If you have the money for a bit of gadgetry that saves on bills over the long term, it’s worth researching these options.

Dodge the draught

After a bit of the shiny tech, lets get back to basics. Draught-proofing.

It’s often a job put off, and it certainly couldn’t be classed as glamorous, but getting a professional draught-proofing job done on windows, doors and floors, plus installing a chimney draught excluder, can make a world of different to home comfort and save around £40 in total to boot.

All the small things…

And let’s not forget some of the classic small actions to take, which really can accumulate to a big impact.

Here goes: turn off the lights when you’re not using them, cutting roughly £14 a year of your expenses; use a bowl instead of running the tap when washing up and see around a £25 saving, and knock one minute off your shower time and make in the region of £19 in savings off energy and water bills (if you’re on a water meter, that is).

Of course, we’ve been giving out this kind of advice for years – but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth driving home.

As sustainability in the UK continues to broaden its focus to green energy, smart grids and storage, transport choices, resource and waste reduction and much more, it’s easy to forget the seemingly little, domestic points of note. They are still as relevant as they ever were.

Last updated: 9 November 2020