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The Energy Saving Trust Foundation is the charitable arm of Energy Saving Trust and has a mission to address the climate emergency.

The Foundation aims to:

  • access new and diverse audiences to provide information, advice and support addressing the climate emergency, including but not limited to those in fuel poverty, children and young people
  • pioneer innovative solutions that empower different audiences to act to reduce carbon, including working in partnership with the public, private and voluntary sectors
  • work with the education sector to support a transition to a net zero carbon society

The Foundation activities will include, but are not limited to:

  • providing energy saving planning, advice and support targeting school
  • developing free key stage materials on sustainable energy and transport to fit with curricula and the needs of the teaching community
  • marketing and communications campaigns to address audiences in fuel poverty

The Foundation will, as appropriate, approach partners that align with its mission and aims to develop collaborative projects.

Future direction

The Foundation has focused on providing a lead to one-off community energy projects that lacked long-term security over the past few years.

Energy Saving Trust is currently exploring proposals for the future direction of the Foundation. Given the current political climate, with city leaders recognising their role in climate mitigation and tackling air pollution, recent public action around climate change and the declared climate emergency, it’s a positive time to create new alliances.

Following meetings with key stakeholders, the Foundation is reviewing two proposals with potential partners:

  • water, energy and food nexus
  • planet and wellbeing

These two themes would enable the Foundation to have a public platform to lead on how sustainable futures can gain public support. The following infographic prepared by Mott MacDonald illustrates the high-energy impact of today’s lifestyle and increased climate risk.

Get involved

If you, or your organisation, is interested in getting involved with either our water, energy and food nexus, or planet and wellbeing proposals, you can email us at [email protected] or call 020 7222 0101.

Foundation board members

Our Foundation board is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Foundation. It meets regularly during the year to review progress and identify future opportunities for continued research and investment.

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Last updated: 25 June 2021