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Who we are

Diversity and inclusion

To address the urgent challenges posed by the climate emergency, we need a diversity of people, experiences and ideas.

Our commitment

  • Climate change knows no boundaries and is impacting people across the world. Energy Saving Trust is committed to developing equitable responses to address the climate emergency for everyone. This includes work to support those who are often marginalised in our societies and who are being hard hit by the impact of climate change.
  • To achieve our ambitious mission, we need a diversity of people, experiences and ideas. We're committed to creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace where our people are representative of the areas in which we work, able to be themselves and supported to be their best.

Our strategy

Working to embed a culture of inclusion and equity is strongly aligned with our organisational values and mission. However, we want to do more than just talk about diversity and inclusion (D&I); we want to take real and meaningful action.  

Our journey began in March 2021, when we hired our first D&I lead, Daisy Crowfoot, who worked with colleagues across Energy Saving Trust to develop our organisational D&I strategy. 

This strategy outlines our approach to D&I as an organisation, including where we are currently on our D&I journey, where we want to be, and how we intend to get there.

We took an evidence-based and people-centred approach to developing the strategy, drawing on a range of data, including:

  • An annual employee inclusion survey.
  • Analysis of employee data.
  • Informal interviews.
  • An audit of our policies, processes and cultures.

We’re committed to continually listening to colleagues and others, learning from them, and challenging ourselves to be better. Our strategy and approach will inevitably evolve over time.

Where we aspire to be

Our D&I strategy includes long-term aspirations as an organisation:

  • D&I is fully resourced, prioritised and embedded across our functions and aims.
  • Senior leaders proactively champion and support D&I both in words and in actions.
  • All colleagues feel included, able to be themselves and supported to be their best.
  • Our people are representative of society.
  • We support and engage diverse communities through our work, including those that experience various forms of disadvantage and are often marginalised.

How we'll get there

We’ve identified two key objectives and areas of strategic focus, which will guide us along our D&I journey:

  • Objective 1: becoming an inclusive employer. Developing a diverse workforce and inclusive culture.
  • Objective 2: becoming an inclusive changemaker. Developing equitable responses to address the climate emergency.

If you have any questions about D&I at Energy Saving Trust, please get in touch with our D&I lead, Daisy Crowfoot.

What we've done

We’ve been working hard to create the change we set out in our strategy, focusing on transforming our culture internally and becoming a more inclusive employer. This has involved four key streams of work:  

  1. Education and awareness raising. 
  2. Culture and engagement. 
  3. People policies and processes. 
  4. Inclusive leadership and management. 

For example, we have:  

  • Established a representative internal D&I committee
  • Educated and engaged colleagues on a range of D&I related topics and issues through speaker events, colleague storytelling, blogs, film screenings, guidance and training. 
  • Delivered inclusive leadership and allyship training for our senior leaders and managers.   
  • Reviewed and improved a range of people policies and processes to make them more inclusive and equitable. 
  • Developed more accessible and inclusive recruitment processes, including becoming a Disability Confident Committed employer (Level 1). 
  • Improved our D&I related data by asking colleagues to share information about their identities, backgrounds and experiences through an annual inclusion survey. 

This is just some of the work that we’ve delivered. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but we know we can always do more.  

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is intersectional. So far we’ve focused largely, but not exclusively, on gender, race, disability and LGBTQIA+ equality. 

We’ll continue to share updates on our work on this page.

Last updated: 20 February 2024