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What we do

Our vision

Energy Saving Trust provides leadership and expertise to deliver a zero carbon society. We work with individuals, business, communities and governments to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

To address the challenge of reaching zero carbon targets, we need to reduce our energy consumption, install new infrastructure and accelerate a move to sustainable, low carbon lifestyles.

We provide advice and support to promote the transition to a smart, decarbonised, decentralised energy system.

We focus on homes, communities and transport to deliver the wider societal and environmental benefits of energy saving, while actively mitigating climate change.

We want to:

  • Encourage everyone to save energy.
  • Inspire change through the power of people and technology.
  • Help businesses to drive that change.
  • Influence individuals to reduce consumption.
  • Support individuals and communities to generate and access renewable energy.

Advice services

Energy Saving Trust’s consumer advice team manages and delivers high quality, customer focussed energy advice services at a national and local level for a range of clients including government and the private sector.

We provide advice and support, online and via advice centres, on home energy efficiency, sustainable living, low carbon transport, renewable energy, innovation and community energy to promote a just transition to a zero carbon society.


Business services

We support businesses with strategy, research and innovation, energy efficiency tools, and evidence-based assurance and communications.

We provide consultancy services to businesses and local authorities on sustainable energy, sustainable transport and energy modelling.

Our tools for business include:

  • Infact, which provides you with the latest energy saving data and insights.
  • Energy Advice tool to assist smart meter installers and energy suppliers to provide tailored advice at the point of installation.
  • Home Analytics modelling, which is a unique data service to identify property and energy efficiency characteristics for homes in Great Britain.
  • Development of software for the sustainable energy sector through our wholly owned subsidiary Solstice Associates.

Find out more about our business services.



Energy Saving Trust’s insight team brings together the latest information on energy costs and potential savings from field trials of products and using statistical modelling to provide the basis of the advice that we give to business, governments and individuals on energy efficiency.

Find out more about our insight.


International collaboration

Our international collaboration gives us access to insight and knowledge, which informs our own thinking and contributes to the evolution of our UK work. Over the past 15 years, we have collaborated with over 35 international projects focussed on researching and analysing policy, programme development and implementation.

Find out more about our international activity.


Policy work

We seek to influence UK governments to develop a positive and effective policy framework for sustainable energy. Our policy work is informed by our contact with households, businesses and public administrations, and from our cross-UK and international insight.

Find out more about our policy work.


Programme delivery

We deliver a range of programmes in partnership with governments, businesses and like-minded organisations across the UK, Europe and internationally. Our programmes focus on the delivery of sustainable energy, sustainable transport solutions, home energy efficiency and alleviating fuel poverty.

Each programme furthers our mission and is underpinned by our comprehensive advice services, data and research, and understanding of the energy sector.

Find out more about our programme delivery.

Last updated: 23 June 2022