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Community energy

Community energy is a broad term referring to the development of locally owned renewable energy, energy efficiency or demand reduction projects.

These projects can be wholly owned and managed by the communities where the projects are situated, or developed in partnership with public sector or commercial bodies.

What are the benefits of community energy?

Development of community energy has a number of advantages:

  • placing communities at the heart of the energy transition
  • developing skills and jobs
  • reducing emissions
  • keeping the financial benefits local

Successful community energy projects are often created with specific goals in mind but can arise from opportunities created by external partners or developers. The benefits can be managed in a way that maximises the goals or ambitions of the group.

What support is available to community energy groups?

Community groups can draw on a wide range of support: from advice on setting up groups and the associated legal structure, to feasibility studies and ultimately financing and construction of projects. Advice is often available for on-going management of a project, from technical support to managing the financial benefits so they can used to support a wide range of non-energy related goals.


Last updated: 19 March 2024