Climate change targets in Northern Ireland: progressing towards net zero

3 August 2021

Northern Ireland's extensive rural areas and renewable energy potential provide both challenges and opportunities to cut carbon emissions.

How is Glasgow preparing to host COP26?

29 July 2021

In November, Glasgow will host COP26, a global climate event that could be the world’s last chance to get climate change under…

Innovating to engineer a positive change

29 July 2021

From on-street electric vehicle charging to off-grid power access, innovative projects help us support consumers and communities.

Green recovery after a time of challenge

29 July 2021

Covid-19 presented challenges, but also generated creative opportunities and fresh possibilities for a greener recovery.

Re-focusing finance on greener outcomes

29 July 2021

Green finance is key to securing a low-carbon future. To tackle the climate emergency, we must target finance at greener outcomes.

Cleaner energy on the path to zero carbon

29 July 2021

Clean energy and decarbonisation of heat are key to reaching net zero. We support businesses, communities and individuals with this transition.

Leading the way on clean, green transport

29 July 2021

To reduce emissions from transport, change is needed at every level. Our holistic approach supports the sector as a whole.

How to be part of the solution to plastic pollution

27 July 2021

We’ve come up with our own list of 10 ways to avoid single-use plastic and help protect our planet.

Green Economy Fund projects making a difference in Scotland

23 July 2021

The Green Economy Fund invests in projects that accelerate development of Scotland’s green economy.

Why you should consider an ebike: experiences of those who have switched

22 July 2021

Electric bikes, or ebikes, have an electric motor and battery to help you cover more ground quicker, at the same time as…