How to draught-proof your chimney

30 November 2021

Hot hair rises up and could disappear through your chimney causing you to spend unnecessary money on heating bills.

Net zero: reducing carbon emissions in your business

25 November 2021

Understanding your business’ role in addressing the climate emergency is an important first step in sustainability.

How to ensure a heat pump runs efficiently

17 November 2021

Heat pumps are less complex than you might imagine, and usually any problems experienced are because the heat pump was set up…

How to tackle insulation problems

15 November 2021

If you are faced with damp problems due to a botched insulation installation job, what can you do about it?

Unlocking business growth with ecargo bike funding

10 November 2021

We spoke to Aaron Fleming-Saheed, owner of The Cycling Sparks, about how his business has benefitted from the eCargo Bike Grant Fund.

Support your employees through hybrid working this winter

9 November 2021

While hybrid working is great for reducing emissions from large offices, it does increase energy bills at home. Don’t overlook supporting employees…

What can I do to help stop climate change?

5 November 2021

Unlike the world leaders currently attending COP26, most of us don’t run a country. But the one thing we have in common…

An introduction to Scotland’s Heat in Buildings Strategy

2 November 2021

The Scottish Government’s Heat in Buildings Strategy aims to transform Scotland’s buildings and the systems that supply their heat.

Race to Zero: the role of businesses in the transition to net zero

27 October 2021

We sat down with Neil Sachdev, chair of Energy Saving Trust, to find out more about the challenges facing businesses in the…

Supporting residents with a home energy saving plan

26 October 2021

Your customers, employees or residents may be concerned about the impact of increased energy bills. We’ve pulled together some helpful pointers on…