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Electric cars and vans

Electric vehicles (EVs) are an increasingly attractive low carbon transport option, thanks to their environmental benefits, lower running costs and ever-improving range of models.

There are new electric vehicle announcements almost every day, propelling EVs into the mainstream and providing organisations with the diversity of choice required for their business.

Increased choice and rapid advancements in vehicle and charging technology and capability can be difficult to keep up with. We have resources to help you understand what it means for your organisation.

Understanding electric vehicle terms

It can be hard to cut through the jargon of electric vehicles (EVs). Here’s a glossary of EV terms that you might come across.

Electric vehicle benefits and grants

There are different benefits to using an EV. And there are also different grants available if you want to buy or use an EV.

Electric vans

Electric vans are becoming increasingly popular and can be a great choice for private and public sector fleets.

Electric cars

Many businesses have already realised the benefits of EVs, with electric and plug-in hybrid cars becoming mainstream in the company car market.

How green are electric vehicles?

How green are EVs compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, such as diesel and petrol vehicles?

Electric vehicle battery basics

Everything you need to know about electric vehicle batteries, including the most common type of battery used in an EV, if they…

Charging your business’s electric vehicles

Discover how to charge your business’s electric vehicles cheaply and efficiently at a depot, at homes or on the public charging network.

Building a business case for EVs

Is it really worth investing in electric vehicles (EVs) for your business?

Looking for more information on financial support?

See what grants are available for electric cars, electric vans and chargepoints.

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Last updated: 15 June 2023