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Case study


Evaluating the performance of Coheat’s innovative district heat network.


Coheat is an energy technology company based in Cambridge specialising in heat networks for retrofit and new build housing. Coheat’s innovative district heat network utilised a large number of heat meters and temperature sensors at different stages of heat delivery with the aim of creating a highly efficient heat network.


Utilising our evaluation methodologies and data analysis expertise, we were able to evaluate the network system with the aim of improving effectiveness and enabling the company to develop its product offer.


We worked with Coheat to store 15 months’ worth of data from the district heat network on our online cloud platform. Through the platform we could download, clean and analyse the data against a number of performance metrics. We analysed the data being generated to evaluate the performance of the heat network and gain insights that could further improve efficiencies.


We provided an evaluation report that summarised the performance of the entire heat network and the individual components. Our analysis provided insight into energy consumption, heat losses, heat delivered and household temperatures under different weather conditions and demand profiles. We calculated monetary savings from the system over conventional gas boilers and highlighted potential system optimisations.

Last updated: 1 May 2024