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Danske Bank UK
Case study

Danske Bank UK

Danske Bank UK is one of the largest mortgage lenders in Northern Ireland.


As part of its strategy to help customers make more sustainable choices, Danske Bank wanted to provide its customers with quality advice on energy efficiency measures, including the cost of home improvements against cost savings, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating improvements and carbon emission savings for the customer’s property.

This meant creating an advice resource, able to provide high quality and fully tailored energy saving guidance to homeowners.


Danske Bank contacted Energy Saving Trust to understand how they could provide high quality advice and guidance to customers on the measures and improvements available, suitability, implications, costs and returns on ‘greener’ energy options for their homes.

The Energy Saving Trust Tool was created to provide Danske Bank with a consumer engagement tool that will help consumers understand their energy use, reduce consumption and receive tailored actionable recommendations for routes to improving the energy efficiency of their home.

It outlines the best long-term cost, energy or carbon savings and home improvements for a customer’s individual budget, not based on averages but based on the actual characteristics of their own home.

Simple to use and powered by Energy Saving Trust’s market leading calculation engine, the online tool works by asking a few questions about a customer’s home. It then uses our extensive reference data to fill in the gaps and model all possible combinations. This results in a tailored action plan, identifying the most cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable investment solutions and energy saving advice resources.

“In Northern Ireland there is a real need to support homeowners to retrofit their houses in order to improve their EPC rating and collectively reduce our emissions, as well as to deal with the impacts of rising energy costs. The Energy Saving Tool is a great starting point to do this.

“The process of working with Energy Saving Trust to develop the tool was really smooth. At every step the engagement was excellent, the information really clear and there was a shared desire to make a positive difference for our customers.”

Chris Martin, Head of Sustainability at Danske Bank UK


Find out more about the Home Energy Efficiency Tool this is based on:


The Energy Saving Trust Tool launched in the first quarter of 2022 and is available on the Danske Bank UK website. You can see the tool in action here:


Energy Saving Trust tool



 “The Energy Saving Trust tool will be invaluable to our customers. Being able to identify opportunities to make changes to their home to reduce emissions and importantly, in the current environment, to reduce their energy costs, will make a significant difference. We’ve had lots of feedback from customers who want to make changes but don’t know where to start or what changes to make. The tool removes this uncertainty and provides them with a clear and simple plan to help make their homes more energy efficient.”

Chris Martin, Head of Sustainability at Danske Bank UK.

Last updated: 7 May 2024